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What Students Say about Tai Chi

Tai Chi student
Montclair, NJ

Bob, taichi student

Holly, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your class. I am thrilled with your teaching methods, pleasant manner, and abundance of patience. I learn so much from you just from things you happen to utter, such as when you casually point out how we should be familiar with a certain arm rotation from a certain posture of the form. Also, what I really appreciate is that you teach right from the get go. I have had all too much experience with classes where up to 1/3 of the class is dedicated to mindless warm-up exercises that students could just as easily do on their own. I would often wonder if a class existed where you truly got your moneys worth----well better late than never, but I finally found what I was looking for......

Patricia Elliott
Tony Award winning actor and
Tai Chi student
, New York, NY

Patricia ElliottI’m using Tai Chi as an art for moving meditation and non-violence--enjoying becoming one in a community of many; joining others in bodily expression of spirit and joy; working in unity without aggression. Letting be. Letting go. Being. In the now. Expressing physically what ‘being in the now’ truly means. For someone who has practiced meditation for 40 years, I have finally found a practice that brings me into the interiority of my body. The great excitement and joy for me exists when we move silently together as one, no one counting, a unit of energy sensitized to itself. . . and I welcome all of the technical aspects including all the Balance & Flow classes that refine the movement to deeper and deeper levels. . .

Judith Rew
Tai Chi student
Montclair, NJ

Judith Rew tai qui

After several years of "hard style" karate my body--and the emergency room doctor--said "enough." About a year later I found my way to Holly Sweeney-Hillman's traditional Yang style tai chi class and knew immediately that there was no need to look further. The health benefits are very apparent and an effective antidote to the hours I spend working at a computer. Holly's teaching challenges me physically and also mentally, which I really like. Also, I love the Chinese history, philosophy, culture, and language that surround tai chi if one chooses to delve in.

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