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What Students Say about ZenTonics™

Rachel Rosenthal
USEA ICP certified eventing teacher and trainer, Bedminster, NJ

Rachel Rosenthal

Holly’s class is a series of pretty low-key stretches and exercises designed to strengthen understanding of your body in terms of balance and structure and how it applies to you as a rider. Holly has tremendous depth of knowledge, education and experience when it comes to the human body, structure, and movement. The class has become an opportunity to experience some “Ah ha” moments. Sharing class time with fellow horse people has made for some really interesting conversations. Rachel Rosenthal, USEA ICP certified eventing teacher and trainer.

Zoe Kharpertian
Endurance rider
Montclair, NJ

Zoe Kharpertian

The trip was great even though I started it with back pain. Your stretches saved me and kept me going through endless car rides, bad beds and a cold that kept me sneezing and coughing.

Lori Smith
Trainer and teacher
Easton, PA

Lori Smith

I go to Stretch to Correct on a regular basis because it helps my riding and teaching so much. I didn’t want to go to an exercise class because I get plenty to exercise with all the barn work and horses I ride everyday. Stretch to Correct has been the perfect solution. I feel much more relaxed, energetic, and ready to ride when I take this class regularly.

what people say

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